Governor Willie Obiano

The executive governor of Anambra State – Governor Willie Obiano recently ordered total shutdown of schools in the state of which to take effect from 20th March, 2020. Tertiary, secondary and primary schools both privates owned and government are mandated to stop all their activities and vacate till further notice the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

The governor also banned all public gatherings of any kind within the state of which to take effect from Monday being the 23rd of March, 2020.

He mandated all school authorities, on resumption to implement the rule of regular washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds then allow to air dry. He also told school teachers to employ the use of sanitizers at washing of hands at the entrance of schools and as well make sure students and visitors make use of often.

The governor as well directed management of schools, on resumption to get and regularly check the temperature of students, anyone checked and found to have a temperature above 37.90C should be immediately reported to the nearest hospital.

Governor Willie Obiano gave the market sector strict rules to abide by since he didn’t shutdown the market. He mandated the traders to avoid handshaking, hugging, body contact and as well keep 6-feet distance from buyers during transaction and that they must regularly wash hands with soap and water and as well make effective use of hand sanitizers. Market leaders are mandated to get infrared thermometer in order to check/test any person with symptoms and do good by quick reporting if there be cases.

The entire public is mandated to keep off and avoid engaging in public/social gatherings to curtail the spread of the COVID-19.

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